Juvenal Villanueva

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A previous theory for the current noise associated with carrier generation and recombination in the space-charge region of p – n junctions is recalculated for the case of a highly asymmetrical distribution of dopant impurities. We propose a model based on the true concentrations of electrons and holes and electric field in the space-charge layer. Carriers(More)
[1] Sediments on the Namibian Margin in the SE Atlantic between water depths of $1000 and $3600 m are highly enriched in hydrocarbon-prone organic matter. Such sedimentation has occurred for more than 2 million years and is geographically distributed over hundreds of kilometers along the margin, so that the sediments of this region contain a huge(More)
The mechanical torque of a wind turbine is modeled from a friction phenomenon perspective. Two models for the torque generated are proposed based on a relative speed between the wind and turbine blades. The main advantage of these models is the possibility of using real-time standard identification techniques for recovering their parameters value. Models(More)
Vortices are known to play a key role in the dynamics of the quantum trajectories defined within the framework of the de Broglie-Bohm formalism of quantum mechanics. It has been rigourously proved that the motion of a vortex in the associated velocity field can induce chaos in these trajectories, and numerical studies have explored the rich variety of(More)
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