Juvenal Villanueva

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A major component of the Fram Strait Marginal Ice Zone Experiment was the investigation of air-sea-ice interactions, processes, and circulation patterns found behind the local ice edge and on scales greater than 10 kilometers (mesoscale and large scale). Neutrally buoyant floats, ice-tethered cyclesondes, and helicopter-based measurements were used to(More)
The mechanical torque of a wind turbine is modeled from a friction phenomenon perspective. Two models for the torque generated are proposed based on a relative speed between the wind and turbine blades. The main advantage of these models is the possibility of using real-time standard identification techniques for recovering their parameters value. Models(More)
Diagnostic radioimmunoimaging is potentially limited by tissue localization of radiolabeled antibody products through mechanisms other than antigen binding. Comparing the distributions of reactive and nonreactive products can distinguish tracer in targeted and nontargeted tissues. To achieve this in a single imaging procedure, dual photopeak scintigraphy(More)
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