Juvann Wolff

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Contaminated feed is the main source for mycotoxin infestation of farm animals. The oral intake of fungal metabolites with feed results in a negative impact on all relevant parameters of animal production. Moreover, under experimental conditions mycotoxins and/or their metabolites can be traced in meat, edible tissues, milk and eggs. However due to the high(More)
Tumors of astrocytic lineage are among the most common primary brain neoplasms in people and dogs. Current understanding of the pathogenesis of astrocytic tumors is limited in dogs compared with humans. In dogs, critical biological data concerning the natural history of disease progression, tumor imaging features, and response to therapeutic intervention(More)
A case of heterosexual transmission of Neisseria meningitidis group A by fellatio, which resulted in acute purulent urethritis in the male partner, is presented. The emotional impact of a mistaken diagnosis of gonococcal infection and the need to treat asymptomatic throat carriage in sexual contacts makes early recognition of meningococcal infection(More)
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