Juvane Nunes Marciano

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The growing use of mobile apps in our daily activities is noticed, even for work, leisure or educational purposes, in which the games have conquered considerable space. Also, in the current lifestyle of people in general, time is scarce, and these tools can be very helpful, for they are always available since the user has a mobile device. In the context of(More)
Educational games are produced in academic environments, aiming to help the learning process of a given content, and experiments with potential users are habitual. However, to validate the efficacy of these applications, it is necessary to accomplish a study in a real environment, during a period of time longer than in a controlled experiment, to be able to(More)
O estudo da língua japonesa por latino americanos vem crescendo, e possui vários desafios devido à sua forma de escrita. Kanjis sao caracteres logográficos muito presentes na gramática japonesa e, por isso, conhecê-los se torna essencial para quem almeja aprender japonés. O uso de ferramentas computacionais que apóiem o estudo desse idioma é cada vez mais(More)
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