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Open-source RANs in Practice: an Over-The-Air Deployment for 5G MEC
This work introduces open-source software (OSS) based radio access network (RAN) on over-the-air (OTA) commercial spectrum with Development Operations (DevOps) capabilities and evaluates the presented infrastructure with end-to-end (E2E) OTA testing, showing that the presented Infrastructure provides low latency for edge applications.
SDN Enhanced Resource Orchestration of Containerized Edge Applications for Industrial IoT
The energy and latency trade-offs involved in combining these technologies for industrial applications are investigated and a native implementation to a containerized implementation where video processing is orchestrated while streaming is handled by an external UE representing the IIoT device is compared.
Orchestrating Service Migration for Low Power MEC-Enabled IoT Devices
This paper demonstrates how reactive service migration can be orchestrated for low-power MEC-enabled Internet of Things (IoT) devices, using open-source Kubernetes as container orchestration system and discusses the challenges of implementing such schemes.
SDN-Enabled Resource Orchestration for Industrial IoT in Collaborative Edge-Cloud Networks
SDRM aims at accelerating efficient resource orchestration through dynamic workload balancing and edge-cloud resource utilization, thereby reducing the cost of IIoT system deployment and improving the overall ROI for adopting IIeT solutions.
Interoperable GPU Kernels as Latency Improver for MEC
This work proposes a client-server implementation for transacting intermediate representation (IR) between a mobile UE and a MEC server instead of video codecs and finds that due to low cold-start times on both UEs and MEC servers, application migration can happen in milliseconds.