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This paper reviews recent literature relating to quality of teaching and learning processes within schools in low income countries illustrated with analyses of specific initiatives to improve quality. The paper focuses on three key areas of meeting diverse learners’ needs, trends in curriculum change and enabling teachers including the provision of teaching(More)
The Anglo-German Foundation contributes to the policy process in Britain and Germany by funding comparative research on economic, environmental and social policy and by organizing and supporting conferences, seminars, lectures and publications to encourage the exchange of knowledge and best practice. Die Deutsch-Britische Stiftung trägt zur politischen(More)
Fukals operation (extraction of a transparent lens in severe myopia) was of a long time considered risky in particular because of possible retinal complications. Based on ten years experience (1985 - 1994) the authors provide evidence that modern microsurgical methods, in particular phacoemulsification make it possible to perform this operation at a(More)
The authors elaborated a methodical procedure for observing the nasal reactivity in anaesthetized guinea pigs (Pentobarbital Spofa, 32 mg.kg-1 i.p.): Volume changes of the nasal mucosa were estimated from the changes in nasal airflow resistance (Rn). Via tracheostomic aperture the authors introduced a cannula into the nasopharynx. By the use of the cannula(More)
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