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Cultured chick hepatocytes were used to investigate the hepatotoxicity of methotrexate alone and in combination with paracetamol. Treatment with methotrexate alone at concentrations as high as 1 mg/ml resulted in no toxicity in cultured chick hepatocytes, as indicated by no detachment of cells and no effect on protein synthesis or on release of the(More)
Sciences Hamburg and the " Landschaftsverband Rheinland " in a thesaurus-project for the collaborative indexing of cultural heritage is an example of a successful research cooperation between information scientists and domain specialists regardless of the limited financial and human resources of LIS-departments at universities of applied sciences in Germany.
Knowledge organization systems (KOS) can use different types of hierarchical relations: broader generic (BTG), broader partitive (BTP), and broader instantial (BTI). The latest ISO standard on thesauri (ISO 25964) has formalized these relations in a corresponding OWL ontology (De Smedt et al., ISO 25964 part 1: thesauri for information retrieval: RDF/OWL(More)
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