Jutta Bertram

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Inactivation of the X-linked lacZ transgene provides a novel and powerful way of distinguishing between clonally related cellular populations in X inactivation mosaics. This ability to distinguish between clonal populations of cells in the mature cortex permits inferences to be made about cellular dispersion patterns during cortical development. The present(More)
Information about numbers of cells is needed to interpret cellular and tissue responses to injury. As a first step towards identifying changes in cell number and structure in injured lungs, this study reports the frequencies of 4 parenchymal cell types in the normal goat lung. Cells were counted using serial section reconstruction and light microscopy.(More)
Counts of cells and nuclei from sections provide information central to studying structural changes in cells, tissues, and organs. This study considers some of the practical problems associated with counting cells with the newer random and serial sectioning methods of stereology and tests the hypothesis that similar cell counts can be obtained with both(More)
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