Jutta Anna Kurbacher

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Apart from clinical trials, mitoxantrone (MX) is rarely used in breast cancer (BC) due to the anticipated anthracycline cross-resistance. We have examined this drug versus doxorubicin (DOX) using(More)
This report describes preclinical and early clinical investigations of the mitoxantrone/paclitaxel combination (NT) for patients with platinum-refractory ovarian cancer. The preclinical activity of(More)
15004 The prognosis of patients (pts) with epthelial ovarian cancer (EOC) and other Mullerian tract carcinomas such as papillary-serous peritoneal carcinoma (PSPC), fallopian tube cancer (FTC), and(More)
In the present study, the influence of human luteinizing hormone(hLH) on the growth and the CA 125 secretion of primary ovarian carcinoma cell cultures derived from 11 previously untreated patients(More)