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The use of pesticides for crop production has grown rapidly in Thailand during the last decade, resulting in significantly greater potential for exposure among children living on farms. Although some previous studies assessed exposures to pesticides in this population, no studies have been conducted to evaluate corresponding health effects. Twenty-four(More)
BACKGROUND Exposure to neurotoxicants is a world wide problem with significant health implications for child development. In spite of higher neurotoxicant exposures, many developing countries do not have established neuropsychological instruments. OBJECTIVE This study evaluated the adaptation and reliability of a computer and examiner administered(More)
BACKGROUND Pyrethroid insecticides (PYR) are commonly used in rice farms and household pest control in Thailand. No investigative study has yet been made regarding factors associated with PYR exposure among Thai children. OBJECTIVE This study aimed to compare the levels of PYR exposure between children living in rice farms (high-intensity PYR used) and(More)
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