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INTRODUCTION Liver is made up of functionally indipendent parts or segments, and segmentation is based on course and ramification of blood vessels and bile ducts whereby each segment represents separate territory of the liver. Most severe complication is a postoperative liver insufficiency that demands complex treatment, is followed by high mortality and(More)
Operations malignity on the colon and rectum belong into a group of risky operational treatment, which has a high percentage of early postoperational complications in comparison to the other operational treatments in digestive surgery. To determine the precentage of the postoperational complication of the resectional treatment on the colon and rectum,(More)
Liver injuries caused by high voltage electricity are rare and result in high mortality and morbidity. They are produced by the resistance to the passage of electrical current through the tissue, which creates heat that leads to coagulation necrosis and rupture of the cell membrane. We present a case of an electrical injury to the liver, diagnosed by(More)
Carcinoma pancreas takes fourth place based on the representation of carcinoma digestive methodology. Morbidity is about 16% of total morbidity carcinoma digestive system. Early discovery is relatively tough and resection in comparison to discovered cases amounts only 2-5% cases, and in the last period it increased from 10-15%. According to the data of(More)
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