Justyna Szudkowska-Frątczak

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A novel method for the synthesis of 1-silyl-substituted 1,3-butadienes, based on [RuHCl(CO)(PCy3)2]-catalyzed silylative coupling of terminal (E)-1,3-dienes with vinylsilanes, is reported. The reaction provides a facile and straightforward access to (E,E)-dienylsilanes in a highly stereoselective fashion (especially for aryl-substituted dienes) and opens a(More)
In nearly every total synthesis, silylating agents are employed in synthetic steps to protect sensitive functional groups. A Pt-catalyzed hydrosilylation of various unsaturated substrates to prepare novel symmetrical and unsymmetrical disilazanes is described. The developed synthetic methodology is widely applicable and tolerates all manner of functional(More)
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