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Local surgical procedures in the presence of Crohn’s disease have a markedly reduced success rate, especially in the treatment of recurrent anovaginal and distant rectovaginal fistulas. In these patients, local surgery (e.g., flap closure) has unsatisfactory results if the anal canal is destroyed by ulceration and indurations or in patients with extensive(More)
Although accidents during pregnancy are fairly rare, besides endangering the mother, they nearly always mean a vital threat to the fetus: lethality rates are up to 8% for the mother and up to 34% for the fetus. Besides depression of the circulatory system in the mother, coupled with fetal hypoxy, injury to the placenta and uterus is also possible. Moreover,(More)
Symptoms of leukoencephalopathy led to hospital admission of a 59-year-old woman. In addition, a tumor of unknown nature in the pancreas was identified by abdominal ultrasound and CT scan. Following explorative laparotomy and pancreas tail resection, histopathologic analysis revealed a pancreatic pseudotumor with chronic fibrotic pancreatitis. Systemic(More)
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