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BACKGROUND COPD patients with chronic bronchitis include a subgroup with persistent sputum production on most or every day. We hypothesized that COPD patients with persistent sputum production have a different profile of airway inflammation, and more severe clinical characteristics. OBJECTIVE To compare the airway inflammation profile and clinical(More)
BACKGROUND It is acknowledged that oral and general health status declines with age. The global population of denture wearers is increasing, so is the incidence of denture biofilm-related problems, such as denture-associated stomatitis, aspiration pneumonia and malodour. It has been suggested that consumption of probiotic bacteria may improve oral health.(More)
BACKGROUND In the past decade, the use of probiotic-containing products has been explored as a potential alternative in oral health therapy. A widely available probiotic drink, Yakult, was evaluated for oral health applications in this longitudinal study. Selected oral health parameters, such as levels and composition of salivary and tongue plaque(More)
This study aimed to develop a solid culture medium for differential isolation of the probiotic strain Lactobacillus casei Shirota (LcS) and for selective cultivation of lactobacilli present in oral samples. Type strains of lactobacilli and isolates from commercial probiotic products were inoculated onto modified de Man Rogosa Sharpe agar (termed 'LcS(More)
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