Justyna Marchewka

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In the present study we investigated the impact of respiratory allergy on quality of life in young people, and examined whether socio-economic status modifies the above dependence. The study was conducted in 458 female and 363 male university students, aged 18-25. Information on socio-economic status (SES) was collected using a questionnaire. The occurrence(More)
This article demonstrates the use of micro-CT scanning of the teeth surface for recognizing and evaluating severity of the enamel hypoplasia. To test capabilities of the microtomography versus classical method of evaluation hypoplastic defects of the enamel we selected two human teeth (C, M(2)) showing different types of enamel hypoplasia: linear, pits, and(More)
This paper presents anatomy and topography of the inconstant osseous bridges that may occur in the sella turcica region. The interclinoid bridge and the caroticoclinoid bridge can be formed in consequence of abnormal ossification of the dural folds or disturbances in development of the sphenoid bone. Their presence may be of clinical importance because of(More)
INTRODUCTION Many research findings indicate long-term health risks of early age at menarche. The aim of the present study was to determine the effects of early and late onset of menarche on menstrual disturbances and anthropometric measures among university students. MATERIAL AND METHODS The research was carried out among 566 students of the Jagiellonian(More)
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