Justyna Humięcka - Jakubowska

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Melanomas contain subsets of cancer stem-like cells with tumor-initiating capacity. The frequency of these cells in the tumor is still a topic of debate. We investigated the phenotypic plasticity of cancer cells grown as melanospheres to elucidate the influence of the microenvironment on some features of melanoma stem-like cells. Cells from surgical(More)
Differentiation therapy is considered as a supplementary approach to the currently applied treatments for leukemia. We have previously shown that a morpholine derivative of doxorubicin (DOXM) appeared to be a more efficient inducer of erythroid differentiation of K562 cells than the parent drug [Czyz, M., Szulawska, A., Bednarek, A.K., Duchler, M., 2005.(More)
STI571 (imatinib mesylate; Gleevec) is an inhibitor that targets the tyrosine kinase activity of Bcr-Abl present in chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML) cells. Some preclinical studies have demonstrated that the combination of STI571 with chemotherapeutic drugs results in enhanced toxicity in Bcr-Abl-positive leukemias. We investigated the potential benefit(More)
UNLABELLED We examined the response of the apoptosis-reluctant CML cell line K562 to doxorubicin alone or in combination with the tyrosine kinase inhibitor STI571. We found that at clinically relevant concentrations, doxorubicin induced differentiation and senescence, but did not induce apoptosis. Doxorubicin induced G(2)/M arrest and mitochondrial(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Several anticancer drugs with diverse chemical structures can induce differentiation of cancer cells. This study was undertaken to explore the potential contribution of caspase-3 to pharmacologically-induced differentiation of K562 cells. EXPERIMENTAL APPROACH We assessed differentiation by measuring the expression of glycophorin A(More)
Melanomas are highly heterogeneous tumors and there is no treatment effective at achieving long-term remission for metastatic melanoma patients. Thus, an appropriate model system for studying melanoma biology and response to drugs is necessary. It has been shown that composition of the medium is a critical factor in preserving the complexity of the tumor in(More)
The objective of this study was qualification of content chromium in femur head in aspect of smoking cigarette. Investigated of femur head from habitants of Upper Silesian Region. The content of chromium was marked at non-smoking persons, smoking in past and smoking at present. Determination of contents chromium realized by ASA method (Pye Unicam SP-9) in(More)
The problem of statistical characteristics of occurrence barium and strontium content in gallstones from smoking and non-smoking women living in southern Poland is presented in the work. The subjects of the research were gallstones, gained intraoperatively from 146 women (49 smoking, 97 non-smoking). The content of barium and strontium was determined using(More)
Eight strains of Streptococcus diacetilactis and Streptococcus lactis were examined for viability, growth rate, lactic acid and diacetyl production in milk and proteolytic activity before and after freezing at --30 degrees C. Concentrations of yeast autolysate, peptone, lactose and citrate as well as the usefulness of milk and whey culture media for active(More)