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BACKGROUND Tacrolimus (TAC), acting as a calcineurin inhibitor, is an immunosuppressant widely used after kidney transplantation. TAC requires blood concentration monitoring due to large interindividual variability in its pharmacokinetics and a narrow therapeutic index. Since genetic factors are considered responsible for a part of the observed(More)
BACKGROUND Iodine prophylaxis in Poland started in 1935 however it has been interrupted during Second World War, and also in 1980. In January 1997 a new approach of preventing iodine deficiency was introduced as obligatory iodination model of household salt to be extent of 30 mg KI/kg. The aim of the study was to determine iodine intake after introduction(More)
Since the discovery of penicillin by Fleming in 1928, the knowledge of the antibiotics’ spectrum and mechanism of action has been steadily increasing. Antibiotics became an effective tool in the fight against many pathogens, changing the prognosis of outcome for many serious diseases. It is already known that antibiotics not only have the antibacterial(More)
The aim of this study was to examine the relation between increased physical activity and menstrual disorders in adolescent female volleyball players. The study was conducted on 210 Polish female volleyball players, aged 13-17 years, the authorship questionnaire was used. The results of the study showed that irregular menstruation occurred in 19% of girls,(More)
Transient character of laboratory abnormalities is usually explained as a false result of estimation. Spontaneous disappearance of laboratory abnormalities could be recognized as non-important and contradicting serious disease. Presented case of multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1 (MEN 1) denies these assumptions. Sixty-nine-years old woma was admitted to(More)
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