Justus Matthiesen

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C remains central to our computing infrastructure. It is notionally defined by ISO standards, but in reality the properties of C assumed by systems code and those implemented by compilers have diverged, both from the ISO standards and from each other, and none of these are clearly understood. We make two contributions to help improve this error-prone(More)
This paper describes a version of Martin-Löf’s dependent type theory extended with names and constructs for freshness and name-abstraction derived from the theory of nominal sets. We aim for a type theory for computing and proving (via a Curry-Howard correspondence) with syntactic structures which captures familiar, but informal, ‘nameful’ practices when(More)
2 Abstract Pointers 7 2.1 Pointer Provenance . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 2.1.1 Q1. Must the pointer used for a memory access have the right provenance, i.e. be derived from the pointer to the original allocation (with undefined behaviour otherwise)? (This lets compilers do provenance-based alias analysis) . . 7 2.1.2 Q2. Can equality testing on pointers be(More)
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