Justus H. Koch

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The most important product of the sequencing of a genome is a complete, accurate catalogue of genes and their products, primarily messenger RNA transcripts and their cognate proteins. Such a catalogue cannot be constructed by computational annotation alone; it requires experimental validation on a genome scale. Using 'exon' and 'tiling' arrays fabricated by(More)
The suppression of antibody formation to sheep red cells in mice by partially purified fractions of mouse submaxillary gland was shown to be caused by epidermal growth factor (EGF). Purification of EGF by the method of Savage and Cohen resolved three components referred to as EGF a, EGF b, and EGF c. All three induced premature eye opening in neonatal mice,(More)
We investigate the low-energy behavior of the four-point Green’s function Γ describing virtual Compton scattering off the nucleon. Using Lorentz invariance, gauge invariance, and crossing symmetry, we derive the leading terms of an expansion of the operator in the four-momenta q and q′ of the initial and final photon, respectively. The model-independent(More)
Aqueous extracts of mouse submaxillary glands yield six peaks on Sephadex G-75 columns, each containing several molecular species. Two of these fractions (III and IV) have a profound effect on the immune response. When given a day before immunization with sheep erythrocytes, the number of antibody-producing cells is reduced ten-fold or more, and the switch(More)
In this paper, experiments are reported which use automatic global and line-packing wiring routines, supplemented by a restricted maze runner, to evaluate the overall injuences of several important physical variables upon the wireability of several logic-circuit package types. The logic circuits are contained in subpackages (e.g.. modules carrying chips),(More)