Justus Bross

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The development of a resilient weblog ranking metric within the global blogosphere, capable of identifying the most important or influential weblogs around, forms the central aspect of this paper. Because well-established ranking algorithms for traditional web pages are not perfectly applicable to the deviant linking characteristics of the blogosphere, blog(More)
—The massive adoption of social media has provided new ways for individuals to express their opinions online. The blogosphere, an inherent part of this trend, contains a vast array of information about a variety of topics. Thus, it is a huge think tank that creates an enormous and ever-changing archive of open source intelligence. Modeling and mining this(More)
There has been virtually little in the way of user interfaces designed for the exploration and information gathering from large weblog datasets to allow for an integrated and aggregated knowledge collection and information analysis tool. Users have to rely on their own capability to find, select or filter entries and navigate through a blog archive. For(More)