Justo Lorenzo-Bermejo

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PURPOSE The objective of this work was to evaluate the effect of prosthetic restoration on the survival of implants and on the incidence of implant-related complications. MATERIAL AND METHODS From a prospectively documented clinical study, 1569 implants placed in 630 patients (mean age 59.56 years) were evaluated. Selection criteria were a conventional(More)
BACKGROUND Using the Breast Cancer Association Consortium, the authors previously reported that the single nucleotide polymorphism 7q21-rs6964587 (AKAP9-M463I) is associated with breast cancer risk. The authors have now assessed this association more comprehensively using 16 independent case-control studies. METHODS The authors genotyped 14,843 invasive(More)
Pancreatic cancer has one of the worst mortality rates of all cancers. Little is known about its etiology, particularly regarding inherited risk. The PanScan project, a genome-wide association study, identified several common polymorphisms affecting pancreatic cancer susceptibility. Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in ABO, sonic hedgehog (SHH),(More)
Aitkin recently proposed an integrated Bayesian/likelihood approach that he claims is general and simple. We have applied this method, which does not rely on informative prior probabilities or large-sample results, to investigate the evidence of association between disease and the 16 variants in the KDR gene provided by Genetic Analysis Workshop 17. Based(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the frequency and amount of residual cement after attachment of monolithic zirconia crowns to standard and individualized ceramic abutments. MATERIAL AND METHODS Twenty patients (mean age 58.9 years at inclusion in the study; 30% male) were randomized to receive either a standard or an individualized abutment on a bone-level implant.(More)
PURPOSE To investigate the association between local biomechanical rupture risk calculations from finite element analysis (FEA) and whole-genome profiling of the abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) wall to determine if AAA wall regions with highest and lowest estimated rupture risk show different gene expression patterns. METHODS Six patients (mean age 74(More)
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