Justine Marut Schober

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OBJECTIVE To explore the symptoms, radiological findings and outcome after valve ablation in patients who present late with posterior urethral valves (PUV) and who typically have mild forms of the disease with often minimal upper tract changes; these patients frequently escape detection by ultrasonography in utero and the diagnosis may be delayed to as late(More)
INTRODUCTION Children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) show an increased prevalence of enuresis and other daytime voiding symptoms (DVS). There is also some evidence toward an increased prevalence of enuresis among children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), but with no data available with respect to DVS or response to medical(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE Standard treatment for girls with labial fusion has included topical estrogen cream, manual separation, or surgery. Side effects may limit the use of topical estrogen. Betamethasone has recently shown efficacy at separating labial fusion. Local irritation and inflammation may be an initiator of labial fusion. No adverse effects of(More)
This review of the literature relevant to genitoplasty explores multiple factors that could impact and improve long-term outcomes. In 1998, surgeons began a dialogue that fostered interactive multidisciplinary exchanges regarding necessity, timing, and risks related to genitoplasty. Prior practice had embraced a simplistic approach--make an intersexed child(More)
PURPOSE One theory for labial fusion is low prepubertal estrogen levels. Topical estrogens remains the mainstay of therapy. Some patients require surgical lysis of the adhesion. Estrogen's action in regard to collagen may influence recurrent adhesions and adhesions that form after manual disruption or surgical separation. This study assesses the efficacy of(More)
This paper is a review of some of the recent publications regarding outcome of DSD patients, with an emphasis upon surgical and sexual outcomes. Currently available outcome studies of patients with DSDs have limitations because of multiple factors, including lack of representative patient sampling, and lack of adequate information concerning both medical(More)
Cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy was compared with cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy augmented by leuprolide acetate (LA) for suppression of pedophilic behavior. Five male pedophiles (M age, 50 years; range, 36-58) were administered LA by Depo injection for 12 months, followed by saline placebo for 12 months. Testosterone levels, sexual interest(More)
INTRODUCTION Surgical and histologic sources of information give little reference to innervation, vascular, and epithelial details of the labia minora. Little is known about areas of nerve density, epithelial qualities, and vascular compartments of the labial minora that contribute to sexual arousal and orgasm. Surgical procedure development and counsel(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the perceptions of healthy women of their genital anatomy and sexual sensitivity, and to provide suggestions for genitoplasty based on this information, as the success of genitoplasty has historically relied upon the surgeon's perception of the patient's anatomy and function, rather than the patient's perception of outcome in terms of(More)