Justine M Schober

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Heightened states of generalized CNS arousal are proposed here to facilitate sexual arousal in both males and females. Genetic, pharmacologic and biophysical mechanisms by which this happens are reviewed. Moreover, stimulation of the genital epithelia, as triggers of sex behavior, is hypothesized to lead to a greater generalized arousal in a manner that(More)
PURPOSE The initiation of genital tactile stimulation is regarded as a precursor to sexual arousal and perhaps in women it is the most easily recognized initiator of central nervous system arousal. Unfortunately little published material details the specific mechanisms preceding arousal, beginning at the epithelial level, which are the sensory precursors to(More)
Cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy was compared with cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy augmented by leuprolide acetate (LA) for suppression of pedophilic behavior. Five male pedophiles (M age, 50 years; range, 36-58) were administered LA by Depo injection for 12 months, followed by saline placebo for 12 months. Testosterone levels, sexual interest(More)
Our understanding of the process and initiation of sexual arousal is being enhanced by both animal and human studies, inclusive of basic science principles and research on clinical outcomes. Sexual arousal is dependent on neural (sensory and cognitive) factors, hormonal factors, genetic factors and, in the human case, the complex influences of culture and(More)
PURPOSE Although genital tactile stimulation is regarded as a precursor to sexual arousal and a recognized initiator of central nervous system arousal, specific afferent neural pathways transmit sensory stimuli of arousal, beginning at the epithelial level on the clitoris and following the course of arousal stimuli through the central nervous system.(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the perceptions of healthy men of their genital anatomy and sexual sensitivity, along with the re-test reliability of these ratings, in a new self-reported questionnaire, the Self-Assessment of Genital Anatomy and Sexual Function, Male (SAGASF-M). SUBJECTS AND METHODS Eighty-one healthy, sexually active, men aged 22-57 years (median(More)
Chlamydia trachomatis is an intracellular bacterium that resides in the conjunctival and reproductive tract mucosae and is responsible for an array of acute and chronic diseases. A percentage of these infections persist even after use of antibiotics, suggesting the need for alternative treatments. Previous studies have demonstrated anti-bacterial effects(More)
OBJECTIVE To further define neural pathways and mechanisms responsible for the arousing properties of the epithelium of the clitoris as well as related neural pathways associated with sexual arousal in a murine model. MATERIALS AND METHODS Adult female C57B1/6 mice were used for gross dissection, facilitated by resin injection of the vascular system, and(More)
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