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2. INVOLVEMENT IN THE SCIENTIFIC COMMUNITY Dougherty, Higgs and Tapping are members of the Radio Astronomy Committee of the Canadian Astronomical Society ͑CASCA͒. Tapping represents Canadian astronomy in matters related to the management of the radio-frequency spectrum. He is a member of the Canadian delegation to the International Telecommunications Union(More)
We describe an aperture synthesis radio telescope optimized for studies of the Galactic interstellar medium (ISM), providing the ability to image extended structures with high angular resolution over wide fields. The telescope produces images of atomic hydrogen emission using the 21-cm H i spectral line, and, simultaneously, continuum emission in two bands(More)
The risk posed by anthropogenic climate change is generally accepted, and the challenge we face to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to a tolerable limit cannot be underestimated. Reducing GHG emissions can be achieved either by producing less GHG to begin with or by emitting less GHG into the atmosphere. One carbon mitigation technology with large(More)
We present a review of the current literature involving fractures of the pisiform and hook of the hamate. This is highlighted by two cases in which the fracture lines are seen only on the reverse oblique wrist radiograph, a view obtained with the wrist in a supinated rather than a pronated position. These fractures are not seen on standard two or three view(More)
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