Justine LaPierre

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In 1985, 374 children of primary schools in North and South Togo were examined and sample of hair were collected on all children with small sterile squares of carpet. 11% of the children in the North (dry and urban area) and 20% in the South (wet and rural area) had obvious clinical lesions. Two species of dermatophytes were isolated: Microsporum langeronii(More)
OBJECTIVE We implemented 5 potentially better practices to limit mechanical ventilation (MV), supplemental oxygen, and bronchopulmonary dysplasia in newborn infants born before 33 weeks' gestation. METHODS The methods used in this study included (1) exclusive use of bubble continuous positive airway pressure (bCPAP), (2) provision of bCPAP in the delivery(More)
Twelve children were evaluated 7.1 years (mean) after surgical repair of a vascular ring causing tracheal compression. Nine patients complained of persistent respiratory symptoms, mostly cough, dyspnea, and/or wheezing. Functional evaluation revealed abnormal spirometry and/or lung volumes in seven subjects. Analysis of maximal expiratory-inspiratory(More)
PURPOSE Pulmonary lymphangiectasia (PL) is a rare, poorly documented disease characterized by abnormal pulmonary lymphatics. Although case reports are published, little is known about survivors past the neonatal period. METHODS This is a retrospective review of histologically proven PL in fetuses, infants, and long term survivors since 1965. RESULTS(More)
Individualized dosage regimens have recently been recommended for patients treated with aminoglycoside antibiotics. We have developed a calculator-based program for our patients with cystic fibrosis and have studied 93 courses of intravenous aminoglycoside treatment, comparing predicted and measured values in 45 courses. Pharmacokinetic parameters differed(More)
Twenty-three children less than 18 months old who had clinical and radiological evidence of bronchiolitis and remained symptom-free thereafter were studied to determine pulmonary function ten years later. Abnormal Pao2, Viso V and RV/TLC ratio were found in the majority of subjects, and 31.3% had abnormalities in all three tests; four and one-half percent(More)
Two outbreaks of trichinosis occurred in France in August and October of 1985 and 1,073 cases in all were identified. In the first outbreak, two localities were involved: the town of Melun and the 14th district of Paris. To determine the origin of the contamination, three case-control studies were carried out: among patients' families, among the populations(More)
Disseminated lymphangiomatosis is a rare disorder with a poor prognosis. We present a case involving a 3-year-old boy who presented with pulmonary infiltrates, multiple lytic lesions of the ribcage, and small cystic lesions in the spleen. Open-lung and bone biopsies revealed disseminated lymphangiomatosis. Significant clinical and radiologic improvement(More)
Intestinal infections are a major cause of mortality in domestic rabbits. Although a few pathogenic organisms have been associated with this type of infection, it is often impossible to demonstrate the presence of any etiologic agents. Recently viral particles were observed in the intestine of diseased rabbits submitted to our laboratory for diagnosis. A(More)