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Ontogenetic shifts in plant interactions vary with environmental severity and affect population structure.
Environmental conditions and plant size may both alter the outcome of inter-specific plant-plant interactions, with seedlings generally facilitated more strongly than larger individuals in stressfulExpand
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Quantifying the seed bank of an invasive grass in the sub-Antarctic: seed density, depth, persistence and viability
A native to Europe, Poa annua now has a cosmopolitan distribution and is invasive in the sub-Antarctic. As a major weed in temperate turf, there has been considerable investment in research of theExpand
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Quantifying site and species factors to inform the feasibility of eradication of alien plants from Southern Ocean Islands: Stellaria media on Macquarie Island
Eradication of alien plants is notoriously challenging, however eradication projects reap great biodiversity benefits, particularly on islands. To date only individual plants or small restrictedExpand
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