Justin van Wees

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In this paper we describe our participation in INEX 2012 in the Social Book Search Track and the Linked Data Track. For the Social Book Search Track we compare the impact of query-and user-independent popularity measures and recommendations based on user profiles. Book suggestions are more than just topical relevance judgements and may include personal(More)
In this demonstration we present AVResearcher, a prototype aimed at allowing media researchers to explore metadata associated with large numbers of audiovisual broadcasts. It allows them to compare and contrast the characteristics of search results for two topics, across time and in terms of content. Broadcasts can be searched and compared not only on the(More)
This paper addresses the following research aim: provide a useful but succinct summary of long narrative events involving the interaction of several speakers. The summary should enable users to navigate to specific parts of the event using hyperlinks. Our solution is based on a representation of the main actors of the event and their interactions as a(More)
In this paper we describe the tool we developed to solve the VAST 2012 Challenge. We present how an expert can online analyze huge amounts of multivariate data in space and time. The visual components and the interaction between the system and the user are described, as well as the setup to allow on the fly processing and retrieval of huge amounts of data.(More)
The PoliticalMashup Ngramviewer is an application that allows a user to visualise the use of terms and phrases in the " Tweede Kamer " (the Dutch parliament). Inspired by the Google Books Ngramviewer 1 , the PoliticalMashup Ngramviewer additionally allows for faceting on politicians and parties, providing a more detailed insight in the use of certain terms(More)
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