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Multimodal blending for high-accuracy instance recognition
We combine multiple modalities and blending their scores through an ensemble-based method in order to generate our final object hypotheses, we obtain significant improvements over previously published results on two RGB-D datasets. Expand
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Development of the data software for the enzyme- labeled instrument based on LabVIEW
The enzyme-labeled instrument based on ELISA becomes more and more popular in the fields of kinds of biochemical and clinical labs and biological test because of its high sensitivity, strong specificity and simply operation. Expand
Design and Realization of MOCVD Monitoring System based on WinCC
The controlling principle of the MOCVD system is analyzed in this paper,and its monitor interface is proposed based on WinCC.Some problems caused by multi-variables transmission in real-timeExpand
The Optimization of LDPC Coded Partial Incremental Redundancy HARQ Scheme
An optimization scheme is proposed for high code rate LDPC coded partial incremental redundancy(PIR) Hybrid ARQ(HARQ). Expand
Spiral Structure in the Gas Disk of TW Hya
We report the detection of spiral substructure in both the gas velocity and temperature structure of the disk around TW Hya, suggestive of planet-disk interactions with an unseen planet.Expand
Research on Equipment integrated Design State Monitor and Control Technology Based on Maintainability Constraints and Conflicts
In this paper, the equipment integrated design state monitor and control technology is studied from the view of maintainabil-ity constraints and conflicts. On basis of above work, the foundationalExpand
Research on Application of Parallel PCG Algorithm in Electrical Surveying
PCG algorithm based on Beowulf cluster is put forward to solve linear equations.The sparse sets of linear equations are produced in electrical surveying using finite element method,how to raise the efficiency of the solution of equations is the key to Object-probed. Expand
The Physics of Text: Ontological Realism in Information Extraction
We propose an approach to extracting information from text based on the hypothesis that text sometimes describes the world. Expand
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The Design of Fuzzy-PD Controller in Automobile Electrical Power Steering System
The paper puts forward the problem that the automobile power steering system (EPS) with non-linearity , time-changing, exact mathematic model is hard to be obtained, and conventional PD controller can not adjust the parameters itself on line, a method and strategy of PD-control with fuzzy self-adjusting parameter is proposed based on fuzzy control technique. Expand