Justin Thornton

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PURPOSE To measure medical students' knowledge of the central issues in organ donation and transplantation and to understand their perception of the extent of training they received prior to and during medical school. METHODS A previously validated, 41-question instrument assessing organ donation, allocation, and transplantation knowledge was directly(More)
Objectives. To measure inter-rater agreement of overall clinical appearance of febrile children aged less than 24 months and to compare methods for doing so. Study Design and Setting. We performed an observational study of inter-rater reliability of the assessment of febrile children in a county hospital emergency department serving a mixed urban and rural(More)
The realization that appropriate exercise is good for most children who have a chronic illness has opened the way for programs that encourage physical activity in young patients. Such programs help patients shed the shackles of overprotection, build psychosocial skills, and live more normal lives. Physicians who know the benefits and risks of exercise can(More)
Some athletes remember when carboloading seemed akin to torture. Now studies show that it can be a relatively painless process and that the less rigorous form will still enhance performance. Researchers are continuing their look at this and other dietary approaches to improving endurance.
Treating the pain that accompanies a soft-tissue sports injury sometimes requires a delicate balancing act: making the patient comfortable enough to comply with rehabilitation - or, in some instances, to return to play - without nullifying pain's protective function. The first step is to minimize swelling and related discomfort by using rest, ice,(More)