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Risk of urethral stricture recurrence increases over time after urethroplasty
To report a single institutional experience with urethroplasty outcomes and success rates at long‐term follow up.
Thoracic complications of urologic laparoscopy: correlation between radiographic findings and clinical manifestations.
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The usefulness of plain film chest radiography (CXR) in evaluation for thoracic complications after laparoscopic urologic procedures is uncertain. Our objectives were toExpand
A Multi-institutional Evaluation of the Management and Outcomes of Long-segment Urethral Strictures.
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the treatment options and surgical outcomes of long-segment urethral strictures-a review of the largest, international, multi-institutional series. METHODS A retrospectiveExpand
Treatment of post-prostatectomy incontinence with male slings in patients with impaired detrusor contractility on urodynamics and/or who perform Valsalva voiding.
PURPOSE Male slings have emerged as a popular and efficacious treatment for men with post-prostatectomy stress urinary incontinence. Traditionally slings have been used with caution or avoided in menExpand
Refinement and validation of the urethral stricture score in categorizing anterior urethral stricture complexity.
OBJECTIVE To update, simplify, and validate the UREThRAL Stricture Score (now called the U-score) for anterior urethral strictures, with the goal of using this system as a predictor of surgicalExpand
Urethral strictures and the cancer survivor
Purpose of review Urethral stricture disease is poorly understood in prostate cancer survivors who have undergone radiation or ablative treatments. We review the cause and incidence of urethralExpand
Unusual presentation of ectopic insertion of duplicated collecting system in an adult male.
Ectopic ureters are rare congenital mesonephric duct malformations with a higher prevalence in women than men. In women, ectopic ureters are often associated with a duplicated collecting system,Expand
Simultaneous urethrocutaneous and urethrocavernous fistula after proximal corporospongiosal shunt for priapism.
Proximal corporospongiosal shunts are used for the most refractory cases of priapism. Here, we present the case of a 58-year-old man whose priapism was only partially responsive to phenylephrineExpand
Impact of kidney cancer surgery on oncologic and kidney functional outcomes.
Kidney cancer is a common genitourinary malignancy. The incidence of kidney cancer has progressively increased in the past few decades, with the greatest increase noted for incidentally discoveredExpand
Distal urethroplasty for fossa navicularis and meatal strictures
Distal urethral strictures involving the fossa navicularis and meatus represent a unique subset of urethral strictures that are particularly challenging to reconstructive urologists. Management ofExpand