Justin S. Stevenson

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(TB) is endemic in white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) in the northeastern portion of Michigan's Lower Peninsula. Bovine TB in deer and cattle has created immense fi nancial consequences for the livestock industry and hunting public. Surveillance identifi ed coyotes (Canis latrans) as potential bio-accumulators of Mycobacterium bovis, a fi nding that(More)
  • Rebecca Vraspir, Rebecca A Vraspir, Richard N Funston, Jennifer R Wood Lincoln, Jennifer R Wood, L H Anderson +111 others
  • 2016
Reproductive success is the most important factor in beef cattle production and is affected by timing of pubertal onset in heifers, and reproductive biotechnologies utilized. Three studies were conducted to evaluate the effects of pubertal status, ADG and two fixed time AI protocols on reproductive success in beef heifers. In the first study, Heifers that(More)
Association of the calf with its dam prolongs the postpartum interval to first ovulation in intact and mastectomized cows indicating that tactile stimulus of the teat and (or) udder is not necessary. Therefore, we conducted the following experiment to determine whether individual calves allowed restricted contact with their mastectomized dam would delay the(More)
Four pubertal (25 wk) crossbred boars were used to evaluate the role of the photoperiod in the organization of secretion of cortisol and melatonin throughout a 24-hr period. Boars were exposed to a 16-hr photoperiod in an environmentally controlled room and temperature was kept constant at 22 C. For the first 15 d, the onset of the photophase (light phase)(More)
The development of an instrument to measure load, power, and margin in life (MIL) is described. Validity was established through factor analysis and the know-groups approach to construct validity. Stability was tested through a test-retest reliability, and Cronbach alpha reliability coefficients were obtained to test for internal consistency. Subjects(More)
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