Justin Resnick

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In this article, we describe interrater reliability for the Comprehensive System (CS; Exner. 1993) in 8 relatively large samples, including (a) students, (b) experienced re- searchers, (c) clinicians, (d) clinicians and then researchers, (e) a composite clinical sample (i.e., a to d), and 3 samples in which randomly generated erroneous scores were(More)
In the course of 71 days in lunar orbit, from 19 February to 3 May 1994, the Clementine spacecraft acquired just under two million digital images of the moon at visible and infrared wavelengths. These data are enabling the global mapping of the rock types of the lunar crust and the first detailed investigation of the geology of the lunar polar regions and(More)
OBJECTIVES This study examined the extent to which individual and family factors are associated with aggression and fighting behavior among African-American middle school adolescents. METHODS Four hundred thirty-six African-American boys and girls from two middle schools in a predominantly low-income North Carolina school system were surveyed and their(More)
Client retention for Abraxas, a therapeutic community (TC) whose clients are almost exclusively court referred, was compared with that for nine other TCs that primarily accept clients not referred by the courts. Retention was found to be dramatically higher for Abraxas than for all nine comparison TCs during the first month of treatment. After the first(More)