Justin Rajesh Rajian

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The absorption spectrum of indocyanine green (ICG), a nontoxic dye used for medical diagnostics, depends upon its concentration as well as the nature of its environment, i.e., the solvent medium into which it is dissolved. In blood, ICG binds with plasma proteins, thus causing changes in its photoacoustic spectrum. We successfully encapsulated ICG in an(More)
The quantized vibration of chemical bonds provides a way of imaging target molecules in a complex tissue environment. Photoacoustic detection of harmonic vibrational transitions provides an approach to visualize tissue content beyond the ballistic photon regime. This method involves pulsed laser excitation of overtone transitions in target molecules inside(More)
This is to certify that the thesis/dissertation prepared By Entitled For the degree of Is approved by the final examining committee: Chair To the best of my knowledge and as understood by the student in the Research Integrity and Copyright Disclaimer (Graduate School Form 20), this thesis/dissertation adheres to the provisions of Purdue University's "(More)
Neovascularity also known as angiogenesis is an early feature of inflammatory arthritis disease. Therefore, identifying the development of neovascularity is one way to potentially detect and characterize arthritis. Laser-based photoacoustic imaging (PAI) is an emerging biomedical imaging modality which may aid in the detection of both early and continued(More)
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