Justin R. Cutler

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In this paper, we address the problem of providing near-field haptic feedback in a wearable, scalable manner. Our solution, called the TactaBoard, supports the independent control of 16 outputs on a single controller board using a standard serial port. We have tested the system with several types of output devices, including low-cost pager motors and fans.(More)
This paper addresses the issue of improving the perception of contact that users make with purely virtual objects in virtual environments. Because these objects have no physical component, the user's perceptual understanding of the material properties of the object, and of the nature of the contact, is hindered, often limited solely to visual feedback. Many(More)
We implemented social marketing of pre-packaged treatment for men with urethral discharge (Clear Seven) in Uganda, and studied its feasibility, acceptability and effectiveness as a possible means to treat STDs and thereby prevent HIV. Clear Seven was distributed at private health care outlets in three rural districts and two divisions of the capital.(More)
We compared the diagnostic usefulness of evoked potential (EP) studies and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in the evaluation of 27 patients with definite or probable multiple sclerosis (MS). MRI scans demonstrated multiple lesions in 21 patients whereas EP studies showed multiple abnormalities in 14 patients (4 of whom had only somatosensory EP(More)
Preliminary studies found that 9% of Guaymi Indians from Bocas del Toro province have antibody to human T cell lymphotropic virus (HTLV-I/II). The present study enrolled 317 (21% of the population) Guaymi Indians from Changuinola, the capital of Bocas del Toro province and 333 (70% of the population) from Canquintu, an isolated rural village. Demographic(More)
Naloxone failed to improve motor strength in any of 19 patients with acute stroke, even though 4 patients eventually demonstrated complete recovery. Two patients worsened, and sensory abnormalities increased in two others. Motor tone increased in eight patients. Naloxone amelioration of stroke deficits is therefore not common, and this treatment may not be(More)