Justin Patrick Jones

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Supplementation with choline during pregnancy in rats causes a long-lasting improvement of visuospatial memory of the offspring. To determine if the behavioral effects of choline are related to physiological changes in hippocampus, the effect of perinatal choline supplementation or deficiency on long-term potentiation (LTP) was examined in hippocampal(More)
Imidazole (Im) and Pyrrole (Py)-containing polyamides that can form stacked dimers can be programmed to target specific sequences in the minor groove of DNA and control gene expression. Even though various designs of polyamides have been thoroughly investigated for DNA sequence recognition, the use of H-pin polyamides (covalently cross-linked polyamides)(More)
Five polyamide derivatives with rationally modified C-terminus moieties were synthesized and their DNA binding specificity and affinity determined. A convergent approach was employed to synthesize polyamides containing an alkylaminopiperazine (4 and 5), a truncated piperazine (6), or an alkyldiamino-C-terminus moiety (7 and 8) with two specific objectives:(More)
The polyamide N-formamido imidazole-pyrrole-imidazole (f-ImPyIm) binds with an exceptionally high affinity for its cognate site 5'-ACGCGT-3' as a stacked, staggered, and noncovalent cooperative dimer. Investigations are presented into its sequence specificity and binding affinity when linked covalently as an H-pin "dimer". Five f-ImPyIm cross-linked(More)
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