Justin Patrick Jones

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The ideas and findings in this report should not be construed as an official DoD position. It is published in the interest of scientific and technical information exchange. Permission to reproduce this document and to prepare derivative works from this document for internal use is granted, provided the copyright and " No Warranty " statements are included(More)
A preliminary study of the correlation between acupuncture points (acupoints) for the treatment of eye disorders suggested by ancient Oriental literature and the corresponding brain localization for vision described by Western medicine was performed by using functional MRI (fMRI). The vision-related acupoint (VA1) is located in the lateral aspect of the(More)
4 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS We would like to thank the following individuals. Without their generous support and time, this report would not have been possible. The breadth and depth of this report, while necessary for a meaningful analysis of the alternatives to Oakland's unsanctioned encampment procedure, likely poses a challenge for those who are interested in a(More)
When researchers tested 90 wellness professionals attending the National Wellness Conference using the Adult Form of Coopersmith's Self-esteem Inventory and TestWell, participants scored above the norm on self-esteem and over-all wellness and on the subscales of Sexuality and Emotional Awareness, Safety, and Emotional Management. In addition, TestWell, a(More)
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