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With the recent advent of effective and practical virtual machine introspection tools, we revisit the use of hybrid honeypots as a means to implement automated malware collection and analysis. We introduce VMI-Honeymon, a high-interaction honeypot monitor which uses virtual machine memory introspection on Xen. VMI-Honeymon remains transparent to the(More)
Universally conserved positions in ribosomal proteins have significant biases in amino acid usage, likely indicating the expansion of the genetic code at the time leading up to the most recent common ancestor(s) (MRCA). Here, we apply this principle to the evolutionary history of the ribosome before the MRCA. It has been proposed that the experimentally(More)
Phenol inhibits the Hill reaction with several Hill oxidants and the accompanying non-cyclic phosphorylation. It inhibits also pseudocyclic and cyclic phosphorylation. Partial reactions which are dependent on cyclic electron flow are inhibited too, but electron flow from ascorbate via dichlorophenolindophenol to TPN is not. The activity of various benzene(More)
Serum albumin was shown to stimulate markedly various photoreactions in isolated bean and lettuce chloroplasts. The maximal effect was obtained when this compound was present during the homogenization step and continuously in the chloroplast preparation. The "basal" electron transport was enhanced using various acceptors and stimulation was obtained also in(More)
The currently accepted scheme for photosynthetic electron flow from water to ferredoxin (and subsequently to NADP), known as the Z scheme, envisions a linear electron flow that requires two photosystems joined by several electron carriers. The observation that the extent of photoreduction of ferredoxin depends on whether electrons are provided by water (a(More)