Justin N. Costa

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The Forkhead Box H1 (FoxH1) protein is a co-transcription factor recruited by phosphorylated Smad2 downstream of several TGFbetas, including Nodal-related proteins. We have reassessed the function of zebrafish FoxH1 using antisense morpholino oligonucleotides (MOs). MOs targeting translation of foxH1 disrupt embryonic epiboly movements during gastrulation(More)
The structure of the post-mortem human brain can be preserved by immersing the organ within a fixative solution. Once the brain is perfused, cellular and histological features are maintained over extended periods of time. However, functions of the human brain are not assumed to be preserved beyond death and subsequent chemical fixation. Here we present a(More)
There is evidence in the literature that older practitioners of regular exercise have better postural stability compared to sedentary and active older women who still also have better postural stability than sedentary ones (REF), however, remains unclear behavior of postural stability in older physically active but not practicing physical exercises compared(More)
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