Justin Michael Lemieux

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Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) is routinely used in the laboratory as a solvent and vehicle for organic molecules. Although it has been used in previous studies involving myeloid cells and macrophages, we are unaware of data demonstrating the effects of DMSO alone on osteoclast development. Recently, we were using DMSO as a vehicle and included a non-vehicle(More)
Gap junctions (GJs) are membrane-spanning channels that facilitate intercellular communication by allowing small signaling molecules (e.g. calcium ions, inositol phosphates, and cyclic nucleotides) to pass from cell to cell. Over the past two decades, many studies have described a role for GJ intercellular communication (GJIC) in the proliferation and(More)
As the prevalence of osteoporosis is expected to increase over the next few decades, the development of novel therapeutic strategies to combat this disorder becomes clinically imperative. These efforts draw extensively from an expanding body of knowledge pertaining to the physiologic mechanisms of skeletal homeostasis. To this body of knowledge, we(More)