Justin Meissner

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The 1H NMR spectrum and the crystal structure of HCDBCO [(1R,2R,5R,6R,9S,10S)-5,6-dibromo-1,10,11,12,13,13-hexachlorotricyclo[8,2,1,0(2,9)]-tridec-11-ene)] are reported. The measured dihedral angles from the X-ray structure correlate very well with those calculated from the proton-proton coupling constants indicating that the conformations in solution and(More)
A range of rheological and morphological techniques, contributed by nine laboratories, are used to characterise the flow behaviour in a model long fiber reinforced thermoplastic system. It is concluded that in capillary rheometry, the pressure drop fluctuations that typifl the flow arise from two mechanisms, that of local fiber fraction inhomogeneity(More)
Radiation sterilisation of medical products has traditionally been done with gamma rays from radioactive sources or with electron beams produced by accelerators. Both methods sterilise by destroying microorganisms with ionising radiation. High energy X-rays sterilise in the same way. X-ray sterilisation is still a young process, however, considerable(More)
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