Justin Marsh

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The production and usage of herbicides have increased dramatically in recent years. Consequently there is growing concern about the effects of these chemicals on the environment, particularly the possible long-term effects on soil fertility which may result from disturbance of the soil microflora. This review considers the recent developments in the study(More)
CellML is an XML based language for representing mathematical models, in a machine-independent form which is suitable for their exchange between different authors, and for archival in a model repository. Allowing for the exchange and archival of models in a computer readable form is a key strategic goal in bioinformatics, because of the associated(More)
Effects of the herbicide dalapon on the soil microflora are evaluated. Measurements were made on populations and pure cultures of micro-organisms, dehydrogenase and phosphatase, soil respiration, and nitrogen transformations. At normal concentrations of 2.6 and 26 ppm, dalapon had little effect and is unlikely to harm the soil microflora or soil fertility.(More)
Background Peanut allergy is considered one of the most prominent food allergies, which often results in severe reactions and can be fatal. It can be attributed to one or more of the 12 recognised peanut allergens, the main peanut allergens being Ara h 1, Ara h 2/6 and Ara h 3. Ara h 2/6 are 2S albumins, sensitisation to which is associated with the most(More)
Peanut is an important food allergen but cannot currently be reliably detected and quantified in processed foods at low levels. Three mg protein/Kg is increasingly being used as a reference dose above which precautionary allergen labeling (PAL) is applied to food products. Two exemplar matrices (chocolate dessert and chocolate bar) were prepared and(More)
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