Justin M T Penrose

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The construction of a goniometric glove is described. Each of the sensors in the glove was calibrated over a custom built metal hand using blocks of known angles as angular references. The digital data output from each sensor of the glove were converted into angular displacements at each joint. The glove was validated for consistency of measurement and(More)
Cerebral aneurysms are a multi-factorial disease with severe consequences. A core part of the European project @neurIST was the physical characterization of aneurysms to find candidate risk factors associated with aneurysm rupture. The project investigated measures based on morphological, haemodynamic and aneurysm wall structure analyses for more than 300(More)
This paper presents the development of a detailed articulating three-dimensional finite-element model of the human knee, derived from MRI scan images. The model utilises precise material models and many contact interfaces in order to produce a realistic kinematic response. The behaviour of the model was examined within two fields of biomechanical(More)
The objective of the study is to investigate numerically the fluid-structure interactions (FSI) in a patient-specific arteriovenous fistula (AVF) and analyze the degree of complexity that such a numerical simulation requires to provide clinically relevant information. The reference FSI simulation takes into account the non-Newtonian behavior of blood, as(More)
Stresses in a prosthetic heart valve at closure are determined by its geometrical and structural characteristics, by the mechanical support environment, and by the momentum of the valve leaflets or occluder and of the blood at the instant of closure. The mass of blood to be arrested is significantly greater than that of the leaflets or occluder, and is(More)
Fluid-solid interaction is a primary feature of cardiovascular flows. There is increasing interest in the numerical solution of these systems as the extensive computational resource required for such studies becomes available. One form of coupling is an external weak coupling of separate solid and fluid mechanics codes. Information about the stress tensor(More)
Aortic dissection treatment varies for each patient and stenting is one of a number of approaches that are utilized to Stabilize the condition. Information regarding the hemodynamic forces in the aorta in dissected and virtually stented cases could support clinicians in their choices of treatment prior to medical intervention. Computational fluid dynamics(More)
Mixed leucocyte cultures, from two normal donors, were set up in media containing human serum from one of the following sources: (a) a pool of normal group AB donors; (b) Chinese, Malay or Indian patients with untreated leprosy; (c) the same patients after effective anti-leprosy treatment; (d) control Chinese, Malay or Indian subjects. Transformation was(More)
Subcutaneous injection of ovalbumin (OA) into mice immunized with OA in Freund's complete adjuvant was followed by an increase in the numbers of peritoneal macrophages synthesizing DNA, determined by autoradiography. The effect was immunologically specific. The increase was followed by an increase in the numbers of peritoneal macrophages; the numbers of(More)