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To meet their goals, family planning programs must build behavior change communication (BCC) into their overall strategies. BCC is a process that motivates people to adopt healthy behaviors and lifestyles. For example, BCC programs have motivated people to use contraception and to obtain HIV tests. BCC programs are cost-effective when they reach large(More)
This article presents reactions in the development of the Guide to Community Preventive Services, which brings public health to the same level of scientific scrutiny with evidence-based recommendations for community prevention services. The first reaction found this development a good change that should be supported, encouraged, and continued. It would(More)
BACKGROUND The 'phosphate-binding tag' (phos-tag) reagent enables separation of phospho-proteins during SDS-PAGE by impeding migration proportional to their phosphorylation stoichiometry. Western blotting can then be used to detect and quantify the bands corresponding to the phospho-states of a target protein. We present a method for quantification of data(More)
Two truisms apply to the current state of performance measurement in health care. The first is that if something (eg, a process, an outcome) cannot be measured, it cannot be improved. The second is that it is possible to have too much of a good thing. The recent enactment of HR 2: Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015, the so-called Doc Fix(More)
The impact of an aging population on escalating US healthcare costs is influenced largely by the prevalence of chronic disease in this population. Consequently, preventing or postponing disease onset among the elderly has become a crucial public health issue. Fortunately, much of the total burden of disease is attributable to conditions that are(More)
National health objectives challenge the nation to improve the health of Americans through a coordinated and comprehensive emphasis on prevention. Substantial progress has been made toward achieving 1990 goals established with the 1979 Surgeon General's Report on Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, entitled Healthy People. Still the nation is falling(More)
I f the true measure of society's progress is the attention devoted to the condition of its children, the nation may need a better compass to right its course. Six years ago, the IOM's Committee on Food Marketing to Children and Youth found, in effect, when it comes to health as arguably the key component of the human condition, 21st-century American(More)
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