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UNLABELLED A family of novel endotheliotropic herpesviruses (EEHVs) assigned to the genus Proboscivirus have been identified as the cause of fatal hemorrhagic disease in 70 young Asian elephants worldwide. Although EEHV cannot be grown in cell culture, we have determined a total of 378 kb of viral genomic DNA sequence directly from clinical tissue samples(More)
In theory, obligate brood parasitic birds are freed from several of the temporal and spatial constraints of parental care for dependent young. Yet, similar to parental bird species, adults in several avian brood parasites show a territorial spacing system while breeding, including site fidelity within and across years. Banding-based capture and sighting(More)
The novel antidiabetic agent BTS 67 582 (1,1-dimethyl-2-[2-(4-morpholinophenyl)]guanidine monofumarate) demonstrated a concentration-dependent stimulation of insulin release in perifused rat pancreatic islets. EC50 values of 7.7 microM and 6.3 microM were obtained for BTS 67 582 in the presence of 8 mM glucose, after islets were pre-equilibrated with 4 and(More)
Ectoparasites frequently vector pathogens from often unknown pathogen reservoirs to both human and animal populations. Simultaneous identification of the ectoparasite species, the wildlife host that provided their most recent blood meal(s), and their pathogen load would greatly facilitate the understanding of the complex transmission dynamics of(More)
Prehensile-tailed porcupines (Coendou prehensilis), like other rodents, lack external sexual traits, making it difficult to non-invasively determine their gender. By exploiting genetic differences between the X and the Y chromosome, we developed a simple genetic test to determine the gender of Coendous from shed quills. We Sanger sequenced a short portion(More)
For the patient described in this report a nonprecious metal alloy that contains neither beryllium nor nickel was used. The retainers were sandblasted with 50 microns alumina and cemented by using a resin that bonds chemically to metal. With good oral hygiene and regular review the resin-bonded split-post prosthesis should provide a long period of service.(More)
Postgraduate general practitioner (GP) training structures have been reorganised with the formation of Health Education England (HEE). We aimed to broaden the findings of previous studies and identify key features of GP training practices. In particular, we wanted to extend previous findings regarding QOF achievement and patient experience derived from the(More)
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