Justin Liang

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In this paper we introduce the TorontoCity benchmark, which covers the full greater Toronto area (GTA) with 712.5km 2 of land, 8439km of road and around 400, 000 buildings. Our benchmark provides different perspectives of the world captured from airplanes, drones and cars driving around the city. Manually labeling such a large scale dataset is infeasible.(More)
— One of the challenges in inferring a classification model with good prediction accuracy is to select the relevant features that contribute to maximum predictive power. Many feature selection techniques have been proposed and studied in the past, but none so far claimed to be the best. In this paper, a novel and efficient feature selection method called(More)
Connecting with others increases happiness, but strangers in close proximity routinely ignore each other. Why? Two reasons seem likely: Either solitude is a more positive experience than interacting with strangers, or people misunderstand the consequences of distant social connections. To examine the experience of connecting to strangers, we instructed(More)
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