Justin Lawrence Rowe

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To identify psychological factors involved in obesity 45 individuals (40 women and 5 men), ranging in age from 21 to 54 years (M age = 41 yr.), who were candidates for silastic ring vertical stapled gastroplasty were assessed on the Millon Behavioral Health Inventory and the Millon Multiaxial Clinical Inventory-III. In addition, a number of demographic(More)
Beliefs in the paranormal were rated stronger in younger as compared to elderly adults by Emmons and Sobal in 1981, and sex correlates of paranormal beliefs appeared to be stronger in women than in men by Irwin in 1994. This research studied possible linkages between age and sex with a comparative analysis between results of Vitulli and Luper's 1998 survey(More)
The perception of time is likely to be lengthened when estimates of duration are delayed rather than given immediately as reported by Vitulli and Crimmins in 1999. The present study sought boundary conditions for this robust effect. A multivariate analysis of variance showed a reliable main effect for delay of estimation, yet comparisons between auditory(More)
Thermal imaging cameras (TIC) have become a vital fire fighting tool for the first responder community but there are currently no standardized quality control regulations. The purpose of the study was to understand the impact of TIC display image quality on a fire fighter's ability to perform a hazard recognition task. Test subjects were asked to identify a(More)
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