Justin Lappen

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Mentally retarded males with a fragile site on the X chromosome (Xq27) were observed to exhibit a highly idiosyncratic but well-coordinated, stereotypic form of gaze avoidance during greeting ceremonies that involved the whole upper body. A comparison group of persons with other etiologically defined syndromes of mental retardation did not. Results suggest(More)
Introduction. Dyspnea during pregnancy and in the immediate postpartum or postoperative period is a relatively common symptom that can be an early sign of a life threatening condition. The differential diagnosis is broad and can represent a wide variety of underlying etiologies. Cardiac tumors are one of the rarest causes of dyspnea in a reproductive age(More)
The cognitive, linguistic and memory functions of non-retarded fragile X heterozygotes and matched controls were examined by a detailed protocol of neuropsychological measures in order to determine the incidence of specific learning disabilities in this subgroup, and to compare their performance profiles with those of control subjects (mothers of Down(More)
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