Justin L. van Selm

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Treatment of a human breast cancer cell line (MDA-MB-435) in nude mice with a recombinant adenovirus containing the human interferon (IFN) consensus gene, IFN-con1 (ad5/IFN), resulted in tumor regression in 100% of the animals. Tumor regression occurred when virus was injected either within 24 hr of tumor cell implantation or with established tumors.(More)
Of 286 cases of primary infantile onset esotropia operated upon early, 42 were reviewed after 20 years. Four of them achieved normal bifoveal stereoscopic vision (40″ arc) despite the fact that at review after 3–4 years of age none had better stereopsis than 80″ arc. Emphasis is laid on three main factors which may influence the result of early surgery and(More)
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