Justin L. Mallek

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Selective thermal emission in a useful range of energies from a material operating at high temperatures is required for effective solar thermophotovoltaic energy conversion. Three-dimensional metallic photonic crystals can exhibit spectral emissivity that is modified compared with the emissivity of unstructured metals, resulting in an emission spectrum(More)
The performance of carbon nanotube network (CNN) devices is usually limited by the high resistance of individual nanotube junctions (NJs). We present a novel method to reduce this resistance through a nanoscale chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process. By passing current through the devices in the presence of a gaseous CVD precursor, localized nanoscale(More)
Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) of thin films is a technique often used in the manufacture of microelectronics, as well as hard and optical coating. Before useful thin films can be deposited, however, appropriate CVD precursors must first be synthesized. Several metal methylborohydride complexes have been reported, 1 most of which are volatile. Yet, unlike(More)
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