Justin K. Wyatt

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[structure: see text] The viability of proteins as targets of thermally and photoactivated enediynes has been confirmed at the molecular level. Model studies using a labeled substrate confirmed the efficacy of atom transfer from diyl radicals produced from enediynes to form captodatively stabilized carbon centered aminoacyl radicals, which then undergo(More)
Dual-mode electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR), in which an oscillating magnetic field is alternately applied parallel or perpendicular to the static magnetic field, is a valuable technique for studying both half-integer and integer electron spin systems and is particularly useful for studying transition metals involved in redox chemistry. We have applied(More)
[structure: see text] A screening method based on Bergman cycloaromatization products was applied to a compact library of estrogenic-enediyne hybrids. An enediyne candidate identified from the screen was subsequently synthesized, and it induced temperature- and concentration-dependent degradation of human estrogen receptor alpha upon cycloaromatization.
The antibiotic cytosporone E (isolated from the broth of the endophytic fungi CR 200 (Cytospora sp.) and CR 146 (Diaporthe sp.)) was synthesized as a racemic mixture. The key step in the synthesis is the Meyers ortho-alkylation of a chiral aromatic oxazoline. Preliminary antibiotic activity shows antibiosis against Gram-positive bacteria but not(More)
We present a short synthesis of 1-(2-indenyl)-2-(3-indenyl)ethane (5) and a method for its conversion to the ansa-metallocene [ethylene(eta5-inden-1-yl)(eta5-inden-2-yl)]titanium dichloride (13). The synthetic strategy applied to prepare bisindene 5 relies on the efficient alkylation of 2-(phenylsulfonyl)indane followed by HMPA-assisted E1cB-elimination of(More)
New examples of ansa-titanocenes derived from 1,2-bis(2-indenyl)ethane have been prepared. The titanium-mediated reductive coupling of 2-(hydroxymethyl)indenes provided a convenient method for substrate dimerization. Alkyl substitution of the indene ring at C(3) improved the regioselectivity of the reductive coupling to provide the ethylene(More)
The Suzuki-Miyaura cross-coupling of sterically hindered and electron-rich ortho,ortho'-substituted aryl halides with potassium vinyltrifluoroborate utilizing microwave irradiation has been conducted while adjusting solvent ratio, irradiation time, and catalyst loading to find optimal conditions. Coupling of benzyl 3,5-bis(benzyloxy)-4-bromobenzoate leads(More)
Raman spectra of 1,1-difluoro-1-silacyclohexane as a liquid, and as a solid at 78 K were recorded and depolarization data obtained. The infrared spectra of the vapour, liquid and amorphous and crystalline solids have been studied. In the low temperature IR and Raman spectra eight and three bands, respectively, were shifted a few cm(-1) when the sample(More)
Efficient routes to three classes of 10-membered oxa-enediynes are presented. The electronic and stereoelectronic contributions to half-lives are supported by density functional theory calculations. One member of this class cyclizes to give an isochroman which binds to and degrades the aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AhR).
The infrared spectra (3500-220 cm(-1)) of cyclobutylgermane, c-C(4)H(7)GeH(3) have been recorded of the gas. Also variable temperature (-65 to -100 °C) studies of the infrared spectra (3500-400 cm(-1)) of the sample dissolved in liquid xenon were recorded and both the equatorial and axial conformers were identified. The enthalpy difference has been(More)
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