Justin J. Y. Tan

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How does organizational slack affect firm performance? Organization theory posits that slack, despite its costs, has a positive impact on firm performance. In contrast, agency theory suggests that slack breeds inefficiency and inhibits performance. The empirical evidence, largely from developed economies, has been inconclusive. Moreover, little effort has(More)
Members of the neurotrophin gene family and their high-affinity Trk receptors control innervation of the cochlea during embryonic development. Lack of neurotrophin signalling in the cochlea has been well documented for early postnatal animals, resulting in a loss of cochlear sensory neurones and a region-specific reduction of target innervation along the(More)
Tinnitus is a phantom auditory perception, which can be induced via application of concentrated sodium salicylate, and is known to be associated with hearing loss and altered neuronal excitability in peripheral and central auditory neurons. The molecular features of this excitability, however, has been poorly characterized to date. Brain-derived(More)
Improving pregnancy rates associated with the use of cryopreserved human oocytes would be an important advance in human assisted reproductive technology (ART). Vitrification allows glasslike solidification of a solution without ice crystal formation in the living cells. We have attempted to improve the survival rates of oocytes by a vitrification technique(More)
Aminoglycoside antibiotics induce sensorineural hearing loss by destroying hair cells of the organ of Corti, causing progressive secondary degeneration of primary auditory or spiral ganglion neurons (SGNs). Recent studies show that the p75 neurotrophin receptor (NTR) is aberrantly up-regulated under pathological conditions when the neurotrophin receptor(More)
The strategic fit paradigm, originally derived from observations in market-based economies, asserts that an appropriate match between environment and strategy has significant and positive implications for business performance. Based on a random sample of Chinese electronics firms, this study systematically examines the applicability of the strategic fit(More)
Building on Leonidou and Katsikeas' (1996) recent review of the export development l i terature, we identify a n important missing link in existing research: the role of export intermediaries as a n organizational form connecting d o m e s t i c m a n u f a c t u r e r s a n d foreign buyers . I n response , a new research agenda drawing on t h e t r a n s(More)
Neurotrophin-BDNF can be effectively encapsulated in nanoporous poly(L-glutamic acid) particles prepared via mesoporous silica templating. The loaded BDNF can be released in a sustained manner with retained biological activity. Animal experiments demonstrate the released BDNF can efficiently rescue the auditory neurons (as indicated by the arrows) in the(More)
Neural activity modulates the maturation of synapses and their organization into functional circuits by regulating activity-dependent signaling pathways. Phosphorylation of cyclic AMP/Ca(2+)-responsive element-binding protein (CREB) is widely accepted as a stimulus-inducible event driven by calcium influx into depolarized neurons. In turn, phosphorylated(More)