Justin J. Y. Lin

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C economic reforms, which have been in flux for three decades, have more than doubled China’s economic growth, from an average of 4.4 percent annually before 1978 to an average of 9.5 percent after 1978. Even more impressively, the contribution of TFP to the growth has increased from 11 percent before 1978 to more than 40 percent afterwards (Dwight H.(More)
The book entitled New Structural Economics: A Framework for Rethinking Development and Policy is a result of the author’s research on New Structural Economics (NSE) conducted in the period from 2008 to 2011 while he was the Chief Economist and Senior Vice President of the World Bank, as the first person from a developing country to hold that position.(More)
The paper applies the notion of social well-being to show that “sustainable development” should mean the maintenance of the productive base of an economy relative to its population. It is shown that the concept is operational. Crude data from the world’s poorest countries are used to study whether those countries had experienced sustainable development(More)
This article applies a general equilibrium model to analyse the impact of new rice technology on household income and uses agricultural household survey data from China to test the implications of this model. It is shown that, when a new rice technology becomes available, the adopting household will reallocate resources to increase rice production and(More)
This exploratory study examines the ethical justification that cancer care and dementia care nurses gave for active voluntary euthanasia. A convenient sample of 319 nurses working in seven countries was interviewed using a structured interview guide. The great majority of the nurses could not ethically justify active voluntary euthanasia. Even if the law(More)
Nursing in the People's Republic of China, like elsewhere, has undergone monumental changes during the 20th century. This paper focuses on one of those changes by examining the professional socialization process of the first class from the first baccalaureate in nursing (BSN) programme in China since 1952. These data from this first BSN class are part of a(More)
SKU 18955 Jstin ifu in “This splendid collection of essays, by one of the world’s outstanding experts on economic development, puts to work a newly emerging view, which he has helped to shape, of why in recent decades some countries have prospered while others have languished. Lin’s focus is on countries that were all economically underdeveloped six decades(More)